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The Lather Lounge

Doo Doo Drops

Introducing "Doo Doo Drops" - your bathroom's new best friend! 🚽✨

🌬️ Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom odors with just one drop.

🚽 Doo Doo Drops also moonlight as expert toilet bowl cleaners.

🌈 Available in a range of delightful scents for a customized bathroom experience.

🤣 Infused with humor, making your bathroom breaks more entertaining.

🌿 Environmentally safe and plumbing-friendly.

Transform your bathroom routine from stink to wink with Doo Doo Drops! 💩😄

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All products are handmade with love, care and attention to detail. Handmade products may contain small imperfections making the product unique to you. While resin is durable & shatter resistant, it is not shatter proof. Handle with care!